Lao Tzu said,
“Give a man a fish and you
for a
to fish
and you
feed him
for a lifetime.”

But how do you teach a 6-month-old child to fish?

Jesus said,
“Feed my sheep.”


A ministry to
the heart of Appalachia

Mountain Vision sponsors truckloads of food, each contains approximately 35,000 pounds of food that is delivered to a feeding center of our choice. The funds to purchase the food are raised by private and business donations, fund-raisers such as dinners, Vacation Bible School offerings, as well as individual churches allocating funds for Mountain Vision.

Remember: $10 provides 100 lbs of food and $100 provides 1000 pounds of food. $3000 provides a truckload (trucking expenses cost about $500).

MVM Mission Cycle
God’s Time Spent Year-After-Year 

For more information on future events, write us or call 330-262-3691
Help A Hungry Child
100,000 Pounds of Food each June

Do you remember as a child how you could hardly wait for summer vacation?  The anticipation of three months of carefree fun and play?  For many of Appalachia’s children it’s hard to play baseball, ride your bike or swim when you haven’t eaten anything that day.

These children rely heavily on the one meal a day they can count on — their Federally funded school lunch.  The absence of this meal during the summertime is one more mountain these children have to climb.

Mountain Vision sent more than 100,000 pounds of food to some of Appalachia’s poorest regions last summer.  We need to continue fall, winter, spring and next summer.

Would you join us in showing the love of Christ to a hurting child?  Together we can “Feed His sheep.”

Mountain Vision Ministries
P.O. Box 1072, Wooster, OH  44691
330-262-3691 email
Michael Thompson, Director
Brenda Westover, Secretary

Christmas 2013

Each year Mountain Vision reaches reach more and more needy children.  In 2012 we reached 1900 children for Christmas.  This year the number may grow.  Praise God!  More children will receive Christmas gifts and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Parties sharing the “Glad Tidings of Great Joy” will take place in many different locations.  We are praying God will also give us food for area food pantries as well (along with Bibles, household and other needed items — whatever we can gather for them).

Appalachia’s children need to know how special they are to God.  This is one small way we can make a difference for eternity.

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Give 2 Days to God

Our Mission trips to Appalachia do more than just meet the needs of the poor.  The real transformation often comes in the lives of the volunteers.

To be suddenly surrounded by the gripping poverty that has plagued Appalachia for decades has a profound effect on both adults and youth.  The volunteers unload food and clothing, and are housed overnight at the mission center.  They also participate in home visitations – going to homes taking food, having prayer and fellowship with families and individuals.

If you are interested in participating on a mission trip write to Mountain Vision Ministries, P.O. Box 1072, Wooster, Ohio 44691-1072, call 330-262-3691 for information

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